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Ready to experience a unique adventure without even leaving the area ?

Discover the beauty of our lakes, learn to dive and admire the view of the surrounding mountains as you surface. It is important to us to share our passion for diving in a local way.

Maeva Diving offers scuba diving courses in the lakes of Switzerland.

Whether you are curious to discover diving for the very first time, or you are already a certified diver and need to improve your skills, you will be supported with passion and rigor.

Whatever your current level, the high quality of our courses and rental equipment will give you the opportunity to learn in complete safety and confidence.

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Our values

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For your safety, training standards are high and groups are restricted. Instructors regularly work in demanding environments and are experienced.

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The high quality of the rental equipment available during the courses is adapted to our environment, revised and maintained carefully by professionals.

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Shared passion

It is important to us to enjoy beautiful moments underwater with you. 

We all share the same passion. Positive mind and encouragement guaranteed!


Maryline, 30 years old, Fribourg

“I met Maeva during my very first dives and Open Water training and she immediately passed on her passion to me. I quickly wanted to continue with other specializations including: dry suit, nitrox and Rescue Diver. She supported me very well and quickly gave me confidence in my first steps. The advice and expertise she provides allowed me to progress and dive in complete autonomy and safety. In particular, I was able to improve my technique and go well beyond PADI requirements. Diving with Maeva also means meeting all kinds of new people and discovering our lakes and our regions. In terms of personality, she is a radiant, caring and attentive person, who listens and knows how to adapt to everyone's needs and the situation, the equipment provided is really great. I can only recommend Maeva if you want to have a good time sharing, learn or perfect your diving technique or simply share this passion with other divers. »


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