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About Maeva

Maeva Diving - portrait of maeva

My passion for diving began in 2015, in New Caledonia. It grew as we carried out underwater explorations in the waters of the Pacific with my brother, Guillaume. Indeed, part of our family having taken up residence on a sailboat which travels the seven seas, we had the chance to discover together magnificent archipelagos such as the Vanuatu and Solomon Islands, Micronesia, Palau and Rajat Ampat.


​In 2019, I quit my job as an investment advisor at Raiffeisen Bank and flew to Costa Rica to follow the PADI Divemaster and Instructor training. The hours of learning and training were huge but worth it. This training taught me rigor and hard work but also gave me the opportinuty to live unforgettable experiences of sharing passion and knowledge about the Ocean and diving.


​In 2020, the coincidence of the health situation made me discover lake diving; in Switzerland, very close to home. Since then, I have often used the #DiveLocal and I like the idea of appreciating what is right next to your doors and no longer have the need to go further and further. For more than 3 years now, I've been teaching diving mainly in Léman lake but also in Neuchâtel, Duzillet and Martigny. Indeed, it has been a real success. I particularly enjoy the beauty of our lake fauna and flora, as well as the view of the surrounding mountains as they emerge from the water.


​My biggest regret? Having received a very poor basic diving training, which did not answer to all my questions. Due to this lack of knowledge, my fears grew on my first dives and gave me some scares. This is why I make sure that all the information I give you has been understood and will be used wisely in the future. Safety being my priority; The standards of courses that we follow are high and rigorous to ensure a follow-up above the average practiced in the rest of the world. The high quility of the courses and equipment provided allows you to progress optimally.


My initial fears being nothing more than a distant memory, I now move with great ease underwater, thanks to the subsequent training I have followed. In fact, I improve my skills every year with more experienced instructors, particularly in technical diving; on deep wrecks and caves. Discipline and pleasure being, in my opinion, the keys to reach your goals, I will always encourage you to keep going.

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